Allow me to introduce myself

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Hey! I'm  ZeCora Smith, a 22 year old creative, with a passion for visual story-telling. I'm an artist, designer, photographer, and part time model [on Instagram]. I graduated from Sam Fox School of Art and Design at Wash U with a B.A. in Communication Design and African and African American Studies.


In high school I came to the realization that minorities' stories are told by the majority and I wanted to put the power back in the hands of the marginalized. I was frustrated by the misrepresentation of black people in advertisements, the business world, and the media at large. I got tired of just complaining about the lack of real representation of Black people in media and design, so I decided to stop just talking about it and be about it! My creative practice afforded me the agency to control the narrative so I decided to use my powers for good and collaborate with others who want to tell their stories.

So I started Entrakit Visuals, we exist because I believe in black businesses and I believe in black creatives. Pairing the two together to create strong brands, marketing, and content that captivates the target audience is a guaranteed success story. 


Original Photo by Jessica Page